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Helping you manage your hearing loss through education and hearing aids

Healthy Hearing at Signature Hearing and Balance

48 million Americans experience some degree of hearing loss. While we can’t cure hearing loss we can help you manage your hearing loss with hearing aids. If you have hearing loss, you aren’t alone. At Signature Hearing and Balance, we help many people in the Richmond area with their hearing. We have helped our patients experience an improved quality of life by managing their hearing loss.

Hearing is a crucial part of how we communicate and enjoy the world. When you can’t hear, you miss out on sounds that can improve your quality of life, such as the voices of grandchildren. Our hearing is also connected to our overall wellbeing. When you can’t hear, your brain doesn’t receive the proper stimulation it needs to remain healthy and active. Once your brain stops hearing certain sounds, it also stops processing those sounds, resulting in a lack of memory and overall decline in cognitive function. It is important to treat any hearing loss with hearing aids so you can continue to hear your best and to keep your brain healthy. Research has proven that those with hearing loss have a greater chance of dementia opposed to those without hearing loss. In order to keep your brain active and healthy it is important to treat your hearing loss and to have a hearing exam right away if you suspect you may have trouble hearing.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Many people don’t even realize they have hearing loss because it occurred gradually, over many years. If you suspect you may have hearing loss then come in and see us at Signature Hearing and Balance. We will perform a full hearing evaluation and determine your type and degree of hearing loss (if any) and help you hear better with hearing aids. Below are some common signs of hearing loss. If you or a loved one have noticed any of the following, then call us today to schedule your appointment.

  • You often ask people to repeat themselves
  • It seems like everyone in your life mumbles
  • You have to turn the TV volume up louder
  • You have a hard time hearing the conversation when there is background noise
  • You hear a buzzing or ringing in your ears
  • You feel dizzy or unbalanced

Helping a Loved One with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be scary, leaving you feeling confused and overwhelmed. It is important to offer your support if you have a friend or family member with hearing loss. Here are some tips on how you can help a loved one with hearing loss:

Mother hugging daughter
  • Share your concerns about their hearing with them. Be tactful and be aware that it’s normal for people to become defensive when you bring up the subject. No one likes to admit it’s their hearing that’s a problem.
  • Encourage them to visit a hearing expert, but don’t get into an argument about it. Simply offer your support and explain to them why you feel they should visit a hearing professional.
  • Call and schedule an appointment with us. Then let your loved one know you did it for them. Most people appreciate your concern and will come in to talk to us and get a hearing test.
  • Remind them that if they see an audiologist and the hearing test shows they don’t have hearing loss that would be good news! Tell them it is important to have their hearing checked to make sure they are healthy.
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