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Hearing Aids at Signature Hearing and Balance

Signature Hearing and Balance is a private practice, which means we can work with all the leading hearing aid manufacturers. This allows us to have more options to better fit our patients with high-quality hearing aids. Regardless of your type of hearing loss, lifestyle, or budget, we can fit you with hearing aids that will address all your hearing needs. We believe everyone deserves to experience better hearing, that’s why we work with the leading manufacturers so we can provide you with the best hearing aids at an affordable price.

Hearing aids at Signature Hearing & Balance

We work with the leading hearing aid manufacturers including Oticon, ReSound, Signia, Starkey, and Widex. By working with multiple manufacturers we have a better chance at fitting you with the right hearing aid. Come see us at Signature Hearing and Balance today to experience an improved quality of life with the help of hearing aids.

EarQ at Signature Hearing & Balance Oticon at Signature Hearing & Balance Resound at Signature Hearing & Balance Signia at Signature Hearing & Balance Starkey at Signature Hearing & Balance Widex at Signature Hearing & Balance

Choosing the Right Hearing Aid

When choosing hearing aids we always consider your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. Certain types of hearing aids are better suited for more severe degrees of hearing loss because they have more power in them. Your lifestyle and what type of environments you spend most of your time in is also important to consider when choosing hearing aids. If you are constantly in busy environments, such as an office where you need to be answering phones, or are in meetings and presentations, then you’ll need a higher level of technology in your hearing aids. But, if you live a more sedentary lifestyle and spend your time mostly with family or in small group settings, then you won’t need as powerful of a hearing aid. Depending on how active you are and the type of listening environments you are in the most, we will make a recommendation on hearing aids that we believe will address your hearing needs and be within your budget.

IIC Hearing aid at Signature Hearing & Balance CIC hearing aid at Signature Hearing & Balance ITC hearing aid at Signature Hearing & Balance ITE hearing aid at Signature Hearing & Balance RIC Hearing aid at Signature Hearing & Balance BTE hearing aid at Signature Hearing & Balance

Helping You Afford Hearing Aids

We offer hearing aids at various price points so our patients can be sure to find a device that is within their budget. We also provide in-house financing and CareCredit. We genuinely want you to be able to afford hearing aids, so we have different financing plans available to better help you. We work with every major insurance provider and are also the only practice in Central Texas that accepts Medicaid. Hearing is important, that’s why we have multiple options available to help you afford hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Trial

We have a 45-day trial on all of our hearing aids, so you can take them home and see how they work for you. If you’re not happy with your devices after the 45 days, then we’ll find another pair that will be more suited to your individual hearing needs.

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